About CAP’S Fund, Inc.

Cancer Assistance for Parents Fund (CAP’s), Inc. is a public benefit not-for-profit, section 501(c)(3), corporation. It was formed exclusively for charitable purposes for families fighting cancer and consumed by the astronomical costs that come along with this illness.

In May 2015, the Vice President and close friend, Sal Incorvaia, of J&J Sass Electric’s 11 year old niece, Alyssa, was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. Alyssa needed a very aggressive treatment plan to attack the cancer in her body. With a treatment plan like this, Alyssa was in and out of the hospital for an extensive amount of time. Her mom had to quit her job and the family suffered a loss of income due to this sudden diagnosis.

Along with incoming medical expenses came a lot of incidental costs, for example, pharmaceutical bills, household bills and gas and tolls to the hospital that insurance did not cover. Jim Sass, Owner and President of J&J Sass Electric, along with family members and friends privately raised money to offset some of the many expenses this family incurred.

Unfortunately, Alyssa fought a valiant fight with cancer and lost her battle in 11 short months, on April 1, 2016.

This personal experience motivated Jim Sass to organize a 15 member committee to fundraise in order to help other families undergoing the same type of crises. Jim feels that there is an overwhelming need of financial assistance for parent’s dealing with juvenile cancers.

With an extensive outpouring of support from the community, The Cancer Assistance for Parents Fund (CAP’s) organization was formed to help raise funds for families stricken with cancer.

The mission of “CAP’s” is to assist families with their fight with cancer and other catastrophic illnesses by providing financial assistance through fundraising efforts. Funds raised will go toward medical expenses, loss of income, and incidentals, such as pharmaceutical drugs, household bills, and gas and tolls.

From diagnosis to treatment to recovery, we want to rally the community to provide a helping hand for families dealing with this life threatening illness. We hope that relieving some of the financial burden, parents may concentrate their efforts on their child’s health during this most difficult journey.